Acupuncture Keeps My Immune System Strong and Healthy

chinese-acupunctureI am now a grand mother of two little and very smart kids but I can say that I am still very strong and healthy. In the past, I have suffered from minor to severe muscle and joint pains. I have also experienced numerous symptoms of diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. Before, I used to rely plainly on prescription medicines but I stopped when I learned that these drugs only address the symptoms and not the root cause of the disease. I changed perspectives in terms of improving and keeping my good health condition when I acquired valuable knowledge bout traditional eastern medical practices such as acupuncture.  

Though we can all learn about traditional Chinese medicine online, the Web is not where I knew about the powers and wonders of acupuncture. Traveling to near and distant places is one of my major interests and hobbies. It is the reason why I got introduced to the methods of inserting long, sterile and very fine needles at certain points of the body. I went to Beijing and stayed there for one week. Aside from exploring the city’s culture and discovering awesome attraction sites, I also had the time to know about traditional Chinese medicine. I met a very nice Chinese woman who is almost as old as I am and we had some wonderful and length conversations during my stay in the city.  

When we met, I unintentionally mentioned to her the muscle and joint pains I have been suffering from since I arrived in Beijing. She then told me to try TCM acupuncture. Because I was not sure about acupuncture I asked her about it and was amazed by the mount of knowledge I learned from her. She told me that it’s a traditional medical practice in China that dates to as far back as more than 5,000 years ago. It has been in practice in China until today because of its undeniable effectiveness in helping people recover from illness and in helping they keep a health and strong body and mind. She particularly emphasized that the needles have to be sterilized to make sure the safety of the patient who will receive the treatment. She gave me that assurance because I was worrying about the safeness of using needles. I also learned that she is one of the millions of Chinese who practice acupuncture. She offered to do the treatment on me in her home. I was happy at how hospitable she was and also got excited that time because I will have the opportunity to stay in a Chinese house. 

I was a little nervous when we were already in her house and she was about to insert the first needle into my skin. However, she told me to breathe in and breathe out to help relax my body. There was a lit candle under a small pot of essential oils, which made the ambiance in the room even more relaxing. So after a few minutes, I was able to truly relaxed body and mind. There was like a jolt of a small amount of electric energy when she successfully inserted the first needle. While she kept on inserting the needles, I started to feel the effects. It was heaven! It was like the energy in my veins were flowing freely and smoothly. After my first taste of the long and very needles, I was able to have a very sound sleep. The morning after, I felt a different energy in my body. I felt like I was rejuvenated and become several years younger. That day, I didn’t realize that I was able to visit a lot of attraction sites in the city. Before I left Beijing, I gave my new Chinese friend a huge thank you and left her a souvenir that will always remind her of our newly found friendship. 

When I got back home, I bought a credible boo about acupuncture to learn more about the meridians or points where needles are inserted into. I also looked for a well-established clinic in our area that offers services such as acupuncture. I have already read many ages of the book and I learned that the needles work in such a way that they free the nerves from unnecessary blockades that prevent the normal and healthy flow of blood and energy. I have also found a trustworthy clinic and have visited more than ten times already. There has been a really huge change in how I do things in my everyday life since I chose to make acupuncture a part of my health and wellness practices.  

Now, I can do many of the things that I can only do during my younger days. I have also shared what I have discovered to my friends and neighbors and some of them have already started having acupuncture sessions.

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