Reducing Weight after Pregnancy

lose-weight-after-pregnancyPregnancy is one of the experiences and journeys that I must say is crucial in defining the life of a woman. First, it’s one of the steps to become a mother and realize the essence of being a woman. I felt different feelings during the whole nine months of carrying my first baby in the womb. Post pregnancy is a different story and experience. I had to deal with post pregnancy syndrome. For those who are into this condition, I believe that, somehow you can relate with me.

I have prepared for the syndrome because I read several books while I was pregnant. I learned about the depression and anxiety that I may feel after giving birth. But because I prepared for it, didn’t feel that depressed but I don’t feel good about the heavier I have after my first pregnancy. So, I asked my doctor how to lose weight correctly after pregnancy. I also asked my friends who have already given birth and are now back in great shape. I also searched the web and read lifestyle magazines to really compare the methods and determine which ones are going to be effective in my situation.  

In general, my doctor advised me to follow a healthy diet that relies on super foods, to highly consider breastfeeding, and to make sure I allot time for exercise. According to her, strictly doing these tips will surely help me lose a significant amount of weight.

But because I didn’t feel that good during the first few weeks after giving birth, I did not push myself to immediately engage into a regular schedule of exercise. What I did first was focus on the foods that I eat. My doctor emphasized that I should consume foods that are rich in DHA because it is an omega-3 fatty acid that is essential to the development of newly born babies. DHA is crucial in the proper and health development of the baby’s nervous system and brain.

Since the first week after pregnancy, I started consuming super foods such as yogurt, milk, cold-water fish, chicken, lean meat, and beans. These are super foods because they are rich in DHA. I actually found it satisfying because I get to make delicious and nutritious recipes out of sardines, tuna, salmon, meat and a lot of green leafy vegetables. Then, I also made sure that I consume several servings of fruits every day. I really took note of my doctor’s pointers that super foods are necessary for my baby’s health because of the DHA content. At the same time, these foods also work for me because of the good fatty acids and fiber that are essential in shredding off those unwanted pounds. What makes super foods effective in losing weight is the fact that they contain small amount of calories.       

I followed the advice to breastfeed my baby. I don’t have any problem with it because it’s actually what I want. I learned that formula milks are designed to address babies with medical conditions when they were born. With that in mind, I became more convinced that there is nothing healthier and better than the mother’s milk. Through breastfeeding, I can also safely and confidently say that I am feeding my baby with the right kind an amount of nutrients. In this way also, I am helping my body to lose more weight because many of the nutrients I provide my body goes to my baby whenever I breastfeed him. My doctor told me that there are studies that showed how breastfeeding effectively help women lose weight after pregnancy.   

Lastly, I also followed the advice to do regular exercise. During the first two weeks, I just did short walks and light stretching because I am still regaining my strength. On the third week, I gradually started to perform aerobic exercises. I also did longer walks and more challenging stretching routines. The following weeks, I started to include weightlifting and Pilates. I only carry 5 to 8 kilograms of dumbbells and kettle bells to avoid muscle pains. During the first 2 months, I exercised 3 times a week so my body won’t get stressed. The following months, I increased the frequency to four times a week and with 20 to 30 minutes of workout each session. I admit, it was difficult, but patience and determination made me succeed. 

I want to share the importance of aerobics in losing weight because it really is effective in burning calories. After a few weeks, I have noticed that there is a slow but significant decrease in my weight. I monitor my body weight weekly to have a comparison of my weight before engaging in exercises and now that I am working out weekly. Then, Pilates is crucial in regaining the form and tone of my muscles and body. What I love about Pilates is that it has fewer risks of suffering from joint and muscle pains, which is very good for mothers like me who have just given birth. 

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