Food Items That Prevent And Fight Cancer


Various researches and studies over the years have shown that there are some food items that can be of a lot of use to us if we want to prevent and fight cancer. Please do not mistake these food items to be cures or valid treatments of cancer. It will be better if you are to treat these as ways to complement the ongoing cancer treatment. It will be even better if one is to intake these food items as means and methods that may prevent cancer. Peanuts are the first of the items that are believed to be very helpful in the prevention of some and not all types of cancers.

It is a well-proven fact that peanut has a very high content of vitamin E. Another well-proven fact is that vitamin E can be very useful in lowering the risk of certain types of cancers. We all can obtain peanut from various food items such as peanut butter. Most people like the taste of peanut butter. So, it will be very safe to say that usage of peanut butter will not only be a tasty option but also very good for our health in the times to come. So, unless you are allergic to peanuts, in which case you should avoid peanut butter, you should not shy away from having peanut butter or peanuts in other forms.


You will also be surprised to know that the food items such as grapefruits and broccoli are also among those edibles that have the ability to lower the risk of cancer. Oranges also have this property. The reason behind these food items having cancer risk-lowering ability is that they have very high vitamin C content in themselves. The fact is that vitamin C has the ability to lower the chances of formation of greater quantities of the compounds of nitrogen. You must be aware of the fact that the compounds of nitrogen are among the chief contributors to cancer.

The thing is that different food items have the ability to lower the risk of different types of food items. For example, peanut which is very rich in vitamin E has the ability to lower the risk of cancer cells forming in the liver, colon and lungs of a normal human being. So, in case you are a smoker then you will be much better off by having peanuts on a daily basis because of the fact that smokers may develop lung cancer and peanuts may prevent it.

In a very similar manner consumption of broccoli or grapefruit or oranges will decrease the chances of cancerous cells formation in some other parts of our body such as bladder. Apart from these food items berries are also very useful when it comes to lowering the risk of cancer formation in various parts of our body. So, consumption of berries on a regular basis can be a very good idea. Sweet potatoes also have a number of nutrients that have the ability to lower the risk of cancer.