Top Health Benefits of Swimming


The continuous advancements in research, science and technology have resulted to the development and availability of numerous advance methods, services and products that make life far more comfortable and convenient. For example, there are now thousands of convenient store outlets where we can instantly buy instant food such as cup noodles and coffee with very high sugar content. The point is there are advancements that also become detrimental to achieving and maintaining good health.

In recent years, there is a continuing clamor to have a better way of living. Part of it is veering away from processed food and eating more of organic healthy food. Another is engaging in physically challenging activities on a regular basis. One of the effective ways to work out your body is swimming, which is considered as one of the best exercises because it works the body from heady to toe. Every muscle and bone is worked out, which allows you to enjoy numerous benefits that are essential not just in keeping a well-toned body but also in keeping a good health condition.

What are the benefits of regular swimming?

Increased Muscle Strength and Tone

Swimming for health is such a great starting point if you really want to engage yourself in regular contact with water in the swimming pool or beach. One of the things that distinguish water exercises from air exercises is the huge difference in resistance. You should be aware that resistance exercises are the best and most effective when it comes to increasing muscle strength and building muscle tone.

When you do several laps when jogging every morning, the body parts that are worked most are the thighs and legs. When compared to swimming, all body parts are worked, plus there is higher resistance. It is a given fact that water is 12 times denser than air. With this, you can just imagine the force of the water that your body has do deal with. This is the reason why swimmers have such great curves and body tones.

Doing More with Less Harsh Impact

One of the indispensable advantages of swimming is the fact that it offers you an opportunity to totally work out your body but without the harsh impact to your bones and joints or skeletal system in general. This is possible because your body becomes lighter when it is submerged in water. For example, you only bear around 50% of your body weight when it is submerged up to the waist level. The weight you bear becomes lighter as you submerge more parts of your body.

These make swimming a highly recommended exercise for all types of people especially the overweight and obese ones. This makes moving while submerged in water an effective way to work out sore joints and stiff muscles. Even people that suffer from arthritis can find comfort and recovery from engaging themselves in swimming regularly. The Arthritis Foundation highly suggests types of exercises that strengthen muscles, provide aerobic workout, and stretch muscles. Swimming can provide all these.

Healthier Heart

Without a doubt, swimming can tone muscles such as your quads, triceps and pectorals. But more than that, it also greatly helps the heart, which is the most important muscle in your body. Because it is an aerobic exercise, swimming makes the heart larger and stronger. As a result, the organ is able to become more effective in pumping blood. When this happens, there is better circulation of blood all throughout your body. According to the Columbia University Medical Center, the body also becomes powerful in combating its inflammatory response when continuously worked out while submerged in water. The American Heart Association shared that 30 minutes of swimming every day can hugely reduce your risk of acquiring coronary heart disease. In addition, the Annals of Internal Medicine reported that engaging in regular aerobic exercise can lead to blood pressure reduction.

Improved Flexibility

Water is far better than machines in terms of making the body more flexible. Exercise machines and equipment in the gym have the tendency to isolate one part of the body when performing a particular workout routine. But with swimming, the body is involved in a broad range of motion thatbenefits the ligaments and joints. They stay loose and enjoy improvement in flexibility. This happens whenever the hips move, the legs form like scissors, the arms move like wide arcs, and the spine and head twist sideways. You are also lengthening your body as you stroke and move forward. This is an effective way of stretching your body from head to toe.

Apparently, swimming has benefits that are truly indispensable to maintaining a good health status. The other benefits are improved or reduced asthma symptoms, decrease or control in weight, lower risk of diabetes, improved cholesterol level, lower stress and better brain functions. All these can contribute to a better and longer life.

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