Weight Loss Solution: The Treadmill

treadmillLosing weight is a dream to many ladies. However, just like a dream, it sometimes seems impossible to achieve. The trouble with dieting is that it takes time, commitment, discipline, and determination to change eating habits and improve fitness routines. Unfortunately, for a busy and workaholic person like me, finding time to hit the gym and start working on my body.

But as I age older, I realized that living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to avoid all the sicknesses that are accompanied with age and weight. Since I was clueless on the routines and exercises to do, I preferred to stay home and burn the calories inside the comforts of my own place. Knowing how to lose weight on a treadmill was the first thing on my list. I’ve seen in gyms and homes of my friends that treadmills are the ultimate best friend when it comes to gradual, yet effective exercise solutions.

I used Sole Fitness F85 treadmill (bought from an Australian website) and found it very easy to operate and efficient. Initially, I’d used the treadmill twice a week, then trice, then eventually, every day. Unconsciously, walking and jogging using the treadmill became part of my daily routine, and I enjoyed every minute I was on the platform. Sometimes, I don’t understand how gym-goers disdain this cardio machine and just work on them for fifteen minutes.

As soon as I had the apparatus, I became very eager to start on the treadmill. But of course, I always kept in mind the importance of well-executed warm ups. Plus, even if I am just inside my own house, I make it a point to wear the proper attire when doing physical activities. It’s definitely not a fashion show, but then, dressing appropriately gives more comfort and prevents injury to take place. For one, running shoes are recommended when it comes to cardio activities. Prevention is always better than cure, so I also invested in good running shoes, with extra padding to keep my soles protected.

One of the things I learned in using the treadmill is the importance of acknowledging my own capabilities. Honestly, I am not the most fit person on the planet, and so I set the speed first at a 3.5 mph pace, then gradually increasing it. Take your time in walking leisurely, then step it up by brisk walking at 5 mph, and finally, jog  or run at around 8 mph. Compared to just walking, the faster the pace, the more fats burned.

Usually, I allocated thirty minutes on this cardio activity, thinking that this is enough to burn a certain amount of calories. Going beyond my 30-minute mark, it’s more difficult to breathe and catch up to my previous fast momentum. For the first few weeks, reaching 30 minutes seemed to be dragging and exhausting, as I start sweating heavily after 10 minutes. Now, 30 minutes per day is an ideal amount of time to shed off some pounds. Plus, challenging myself by changing the inclination and the pace became easier for me. The road to weight loss requires constancy, so I made sure to keep enough time for me to keep my body physically active and moving.

Since I took the initiative and worked out alone, I had no idea about the what-to-do and what-not-to-do while using the treadmill. What I found surprising was that we’re not supposed to hold the side bars while exercising. The tendency is that we shift or transfer half of our weight on the bars, therefore burning less calories since our body has found a support. Additionally, one should avoid looking down at one’s feet. At first, I was very conscious of my steps and strides, so checking them at times was necessary. However, in the long run, I experienced neck strain, plus pain in the lower back or spine area.

Being mindful of one’s steps is still important though. Bigger strides equate to more energy used, which means shorter time on the treadmill. Hunching forward because of exhaustion is also a big no-no. If your body is feeling too much pressure already, then stop. Don’t overdo it just like I did. I regretted forcing myself to reach 45 minutes as it resulted to two days of soreness. Give your body time to adjust; when you’ve finally adapted to the routine and intensity, that’s when you should vary the frequency, duration, inclination, and intensity.

In a span of two months, I lost around 20 pounds, which wouldn’t have been possible if I decided to bum around the house. Thankfully, the treadmill has no complicated instructions, making it relatively easy to maneuver for first-time and clueless users like me. What I also found beneficial was that treadmills can detect the heart rate and calories burned of the person. Somehow, with these numbers visible, I become more determined in reaching my goals.

Though the treadmill I purchased is a bit space-consuming and expensive, it gave me a convenient way to keep my health in check. In the end, I didn’t use the treadmill for the sake of my weight loss; eventually, I loved exercising and the good feeling it brings afterwards.

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