Why Massage Should Be Part of Your Routine

massage-therapyLoving ourselves and our bodies is something natural. After all, if we spend so much money maintaining our homes and cars, we can also spend the same amount pampering ourselves to make sure that we are always healthy and in tip top shape. Stress and illness can cause havoc on our bodies and minds, and there are many symptoms we feel when we have had too much. For example, headaches can be brought about by stress or even be a symptom of worse conditions. Thankfully, there are quite a few treatments that can help address this.

One great example is to go for a massage. I love going regularly for a session because it is one of those therapies that can help both my mind and my body relax. I do not just go to any spa or clinic offering massage because I prefer going to trained and qualified professionals who I can trust with my body. I found my therapist at a cupping therapy clinic in Geelong and after giving it a try, I have been going regularly for massages.

My main motivation for going to the session was to reduce some of the headache and the tension in my shoulders. This is quite common, due to stress and even sitting uncomfortably at a desk the whole day. Worse, most of us are not getting enough movement and exercise, which makes it even worse for our backs and shoulders. 

Sadly, stress is a normal part of life nowadays especially if you live in the city, with the daily commute, demands of work and other responsibilities. The best thing we can do is to manage it and find ways to avoid getting bad headaches. After all, between 65 and 90% of headaches we experience are actually tension type. Massage can ease the pain or even make it disappear. 

More than just reducing headaches, I have also experienced other benefits of massage. First of all, the tension in my muscles, especially in my shoulders has been greatly relieved. In the beginning, they were so hard and in knots but after a session, I could feel a big difference. Any muscles that also have some injury can also be repaired. Basically, most of the parts of my body that used to ache became better, like my neck and lower back. 

Your body also gets to benefit in one session, improving blood circulation and lowering blood pressure. The kneading process really promotes the good flow of blood and can really make one feel so relaxed. This is, in fact, not just in your mind, because the body releases endorphins while you are being massaged, making you feel so good and much less anxious. In the end, this also makes you sleep better. With so many benefits, every single session will be worth every cent.

Ever since my first visit, I have really enjoyed this feeling after going for a massage so I have incorporated it into my routine. Depending on specific symptoms, I can get various kinds of massage that will address exactly what my ailment is. In Simply Relaxation massage, you can try out the following:

Relaxation Massage

This massage is not designed to target any underlying pain. The point is to release the tension that built up due to day-to-day stress. The muscles are the target, helping them relax and in turn, soothing both mind and soul. Afterward, you will be ready to face the real world with renewed strength and enthusiasm. 

Deep Tissue Massage

This type, on the other hand, is perfect to address any pain you have in your muscles or joints. This is more intense, with the movements penetrating deeper into your muscles. If you are suffering from specific injuries or conditions like osteoarthritis or fibromyalgia, then this is the right type for you.

Remedial Massage

This is a tailored approach targeting problem areas, where you have any muscle tension or chronic pain. Regular headaches, stiff neck, and even carpal tunnel can be addressed by remedial massage. 

Craniosacral Therapy

This treatment is the opposite of the deep tissue massage, and only a soft touch is used to enhance your central nervous system and bring balance to the body. It is used to release pent-up trauma hidden in our body for years, like older injuries, surgeries, physical abuse, loss, and much more. These might have, in years, led to depression, stress, anxiety and chronic pain.

We tend to sometimes think twice when it comes to spending money the well-being of our bodies, which does not make sense we also are happy to splurge on makeup and bags. In reality, going shopping will not offer the same relief from stress as getting a massage, where your mind and body are able to truly rest and recover. Going for a massage is a smart and highly beneficial gift you can give yourself.

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